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IRRIGATION Systems & Lawn Sprinklers

Why Charlotte Homeowners Trust Their Irrigation Systems to Us For more than 29 years we have been designing, installing, repairing and maintaining irrigation systems for homes of all sizes across the Carolinas. We have the experience, knowledge and professional team members to design and install irrigation systems to tackle any irrigation project that you can imagine. We're cost efficient, we work quickly, and we will give you the best service around.

We install “efficient” irrigation systems that will water your yard evenly to achieve proper watering with the least amount of watering time and water usage

All of our systems come with a “rain sensor” to stop the watering in event of rain and save water

We practice the highest quality installation techniques, and use the highest quality components available.   We do not use off-brand components or inferior quality products like black poly pipe for our system piping.
We use only high-quality PVC pipe.Irrigation systems and lawn sprinklers are sold by Irrigation and Lighting Specialist in Charlotte.

We can install a system in an existing landscape with minimal disruption, to the point that casual observers may not be able to tell we have installed a system

If you are building a new home or landscaping your existing home, our irrigation system team will work seamlessly with your landscaper to ensure a smooth installation process that meets the required schedule and ensures an excellent product. We also work with the finest landscapers and landscape architects in the region and can gladly refer one to you to meet any needs you may have.

We are the only irrigation company that practices “Tree Root Preservation”, and we are recommended by top arborists in Charlotte. We do this to prevent damage to your tree root system, which is a common result from improper irrigation installations.

We ensure a smooth process from start to finish with coordination by our office to schedule your job and follow up after completion for future service needs.

Irrigation Smart Controllers - Homeowners Save up to 60% on Water

Smart controllers maximize water efficiency in irrigation systems by factoring in everything from soil type to the slope of your lawn to the amount of sun exposure different areas receive. All of these details are calculated for every zone of your automatic lawn sprinklers to help you maintain a lush, healthy lawn and landscape.

The City of Charlotte teamed with the NC Green Industry Council to create a program promoting smart irrigation technologies that reduce irrigation water use. Customers who participate in this program can expect reduced water consumption up to 60%, improved landscape health and a reduction in irrigation maintenance. Read more about this Smart Water Program.

To learn more about how an Irrigation Smart Controller can save you money, call us at 803.831.0506 or 704.747.0235 or contact us through our Contact section.


Automatic Lawn SprinklersIrrigation systems and lawn sprinklers are sold by Irrigation and Lighting Specialist in Charlotte.

Remember the old days when you had to attach and detach a lawn sprinkler to a hose, turn the valve on and wonder when to turn it off? Don't do it that way anymore. Irrigation and Lighting Specialist installs automatic lawn sprinklers to best suit any lawn or landscape type.

Do it yourself options exist, but they can be very tricky and time consuming. There are no guarantees it will work correctly when you are finished. When you trust us to install your lawn sprinklers, you can rest assured they will operate as they should for years. If you ever have any problems with your system, we are always here to help.