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Outdoor Lighting Systems

Unique, Subtle & Attractive Outdoor Lighting Systems We take a very different approach to outdoor lighting than most companies. The focus of our outdoor lighting plan is not only centered on how you will use your home during darker hours, but what kind of lighting best accents the landscaping and the beauty of your home! Our lighting designers focus on these two elements that bring a natural blending of functionality and beauty to your outdoor lighting.

You don't want "overdone" lighting. Our approach to outdoor lighting will help your home"stand apart" from others using our subtle and unique lighting design methods.

We use only the highest quality lighting components, guaranteed to provide years of good service by Vista, Hadco, Kichler and Nightscaping.

We will come to your home to discuss your needs and design a custom lighting system for your home of and give you a comprehensive quote at that time.

Go Green Lighting - Save Money with low operating cost Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting and landscape lighting can provide homeowners with sufficient light at night to walk about safely, discourage crime, and add an aesthetic to the night landscape—without being a big energy drain.  Safe, energy efficient, low-voltage outdoor lighting systems are readily available in variety sufficient for almost all applications, including deck lighting, garden walkways, and floodlights.  Like all lights that are powered by fossil fuels, they should be used with discretion.  A timer is a great feature that you can incorporate into the lighting system so that it is only turned on when you need illumination. We can help you introduce energy-saving low-voltage outdoor lighting plans and fixtures that will make you feel more comfortable about being "green".


Outdoor lighting and landscape lighting is installed by Irrigation and Lighting Specialist in Charlotte NC.

Exterior Wall & Accent Lighting Exterior wall and accent lighting creates beautiful effects at night, increasing your home’s safety, curb appeal and value.

Irrigation and Lighting Specialist installs outdoor lighting on your deck or patio.

Deck & Step Lighting Outdoor living should be for day or night. Deck and step lighting adds the finishing touches and helps make your entertainment area functional after dark.

Underwater LightingUnderwater lighting adds function and beauty to your swimming pool, outdoor water garden and spa. This is beautiful lighting!