Landscape lighting systems are a perfect way to beautify your property while increasing the functionality and safety of your outdoor space. Outdoor lighting is meant to accent features of your house, whereas landscape lighting highlights your plants, garden, trees and yard.

Landscape Lighting Design

When we design a new lighting plan, we factor how the landscape lighting will affect the inside space. Highly trafficked areas in the house like dining rooms and kitchen can receive more light without causing any disturbance. In contrast, we avoid focusing any light towards the bedroom windows so as not to disturb sleep. We discuss the specific needs of each customer and design a landscape lighting system to accommodate those needs and maintain perfect lighting conditions indoors.

The most common reason to invest in landscape lighting is to improve the appearance of your home. Investments made in landscaping are only visible during the day. At night, the beauty of your yard can’t be admired. Subtle landscape lighting can illuminate your well-manicured lawn and plants. Lighting walkways, steps and other high-traffic areas can also improve the safety of you and your guests.

Landscape Lighting Installation

Irrigation & Lighting Specialist has been installing outdoor landscape lighting for more than 30 years. After you have your landscape lighting designed, it is important to ensure your system is properly installed. We use the highest quality materials, and we adhere to the highest installation standards.

Did you know, in general, houses with landscape lighting sell for more money than those that don’t? Buyers recognize the benefits landscape lighting can provide and usually subconsciously are more attracted to the outdoor space because of this feature. Investing in a professionally installed and properly designed landscape lighting system will pay off long-term while you enjoy the short-term benefits!

Accent Lighting Design & Installation

Some home-owners want outdoor lighting to beautify their home. Others want to add functionality to their outdoor spaces at night. Irrigation and Lighting Specialist combines these outdoor lighting benefits to create a gorgeous and practical exterior. Our outdoor lighting design methods are designed to avoid “overdone” lighting. The subtle accents make your home look unique.

We come on-site to your home, and custom design an outdoor lighting system to suit your home’s needs. Our lighting systems are designed to last; all light fixtures and electrical components are made from the highest quality materials. Outdoor Lighting options include:

Exterior Wall & Accent Lighting

Exterior wall and accent lighting creates beautiful effects at night, increasing your home’s safety, curb appeal and value.

Deck & Patio Lighting

Outdoor living should be for day or night. Deck and step lighting adds the finishing touches and helps make your entertainment area functional after dark.

Underwater Lighting

Underwater lighting adds function and beauty to your swimming pool, outdoor water garden and spa. This is beautiful lighting!

We use only the highest quality lighting components, guaranteed to provide years of good service by Vista, Hadco, Kichler and Nightscaping.

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